All employees at Mt Eliza House are appropriately qualified as per Government Regulations.

Regular training is provided by Mt Eliza House to ensure all Educators knowledge and qualifications are current and in line with government guidelines.

Various conferences/seminars and training sessions are attended throughout the year on topics such as Child Safety, Inclusion Support, Child Development, Planning and Documentation, Nutrition and Food handling, Team Building and Leadership.

The Nominated Supervisor, Responsible Persons, Educational Leader and Health and Safety Officer of Mt Eliza House details can be found on display in our foyer.

All educators and families have the opportunity to contribute to the development of centre Policies/Procedures and the Centre Philosophy.

At Mt Eliza House we believe that the educators who have contact with your child on a daily basis are the most important key to you and your child having an enjoyable, safe and nurturing experience. Therefore we hold high expectations of all our staff and welcome any feedback you may have in regards to your experience with us.

We acknowledge the diversity and skills of individual staff members and capitalise on their strengths, assisting us to develop strong relationships with families and children throughout their important early years.

Introducing Management.

Jodie Stefanetti and Paige Davidson have been employees of Mt Eliza House for many years.

Manager Jodie and assistant Manager Paige have invested their time and love of quality education and care into Mt Eliza House for 20 years, and have grown with Mt Eliza house as it has developed into the renowned service it is today.

Both being working mothers of young children, like many of our clients, they understand how it feels to leave your children in the care of others. This is why it is so important to ensure all children and families feel secure and can confidently know that their child is well cared for and happy throughout the day.

Both Jodie and Paige hold Early Childhood Diplomas and have worked in all the rooms across the service over the years.

This long standing relationship with the service is what drives them to continuously improve high quality care.

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